Green And Woody Fragrances From The House Of Creed

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Refresh your fragrance wardrobe: Five Green & Woody scents

Refresh your fragrance wardrobe: Five Green & Woody scents
Switch up your signature fragrance this January

Switching up your fragrance from time to time is key to ensuring you still reap the olfactive benefits of wearing a fragrance. We are very quick to adapt to scents and can often lose the ability to smell fragrance on ourselves after time. This is because our sense of smell is primarily designed for our survival. Once our brains understand that our perfume is not putting our lives in danger, it no longer keeps the scent in your conscious state of mind.

The New Year presents the perfect time to give your fragrance wardrobe a little refresh. The cool weather and the desire for change make refreshing green and woody scents the ultimate switch up of choice. These 5 fragrances are each inspired by the great outdoors and pair perfectly with this time of year. Each uplifting, zesty, and cooling with a warm woody base they mimic the crisp January air whilst providing a layer of warmth to the skin.

1. Green Irish Tweed

Green Irish Tweed is a sophisticated, classic and effortlessly masculine scent that encapsulates the essence of an 18th century exclusive gentleman’s estate, complete with hunting parties, hip flasks and horseback riding through the lush green countryside wearing the finest tweed the period had to offer.

A fresh and woody olfactive masterpiece, this cult classic fragrance is a nod to Creed’s tailoring history and evokes freshly cut grass, meadows coated in frosty dew and the crisp sea breeze.

Lemon, indian verbena and peppermint provide an invigorating opening to this refreshing scent. Sophisticated iris and violet sit on a warm base of sandalwood and ambergris notes for a lasting depth and definitive touch.

2. Original Vetiver

If you’re finding yourself reminiscing warmer times of the year, Original Vetiver  provides the perfect balance of fresh green and warming earthy notes. Zesty citrus’ blended with vetiver leaves evoke the invigorating scent of fresh foliage. Spicy peppercorn and coriander lie on a rich and woody base of white musk and cedarwood that will take you back to a warm late summer evening.

Olivier Creed reinvents the rules for vetiver fragrances with this creation, using the leaves and the roots to provide that perfect balance of uplifting and indulgently masculine: A truly unique olfactive experience that will help you switch up your fragrance wardrobe like never before.

3. Bois Du Portugal

A rich, woody and robust scent, Bois Du Portugal captures a fragrant tapestry of a hike through the forested Iberian Penisula. Notes of aromatic lavender and earthy vetiver fall on a deep base of sandalwood, oakmoss and patchouli, conjuring up the wooded surroundings of this infamous Portuguese highlands, its thick foliage and the wild mountainous meadows that fall between.

Olivier Creed has created a smooth, elegant woody fragrance that is as much refreshing as it is rich and spicy – a timeless men’s fragrance that can be enjoyed all year round, this understated scent from the House of Creed is perfect for those looking to go off the beaten track when it comes to their next fragrance of choice.

4. Silver Mountain Water

Think frosted rockfaces, snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear Alpine streams. Silver Mountain Water captures the pristine beauty of the iconic Swiss Alps and the cool icy freshness of the mountain air. This bold and exhilarating unisex fragrance blends crisp and refreshing mandarin, bergamot and neroli with green tea and blackcurrant buds, reminiscent of the tranquil purity that surrounds the mountain tops.

Sandalwood and musk provide a lasting warmth to this mentholated scent. Perfectly mimicking the cool January air during the peak ski season, our cult classic Silver Mountain Water is the ultimate perfume for the cooler months of the year – a versatile, fresh fragrance that will effortlessly transport you into your next fragrance journey.

5. Himalaya

Reminiscent of the rugged yet picturesque Himalayan mountains, Himalaya  provides the perfect balance between refreshing citrus’ and warming woods. Capturing the glistening glaciers, snow-capped mountains, treacherous landscape and vast flowing streams that make up the breath-taking Tibetan region, Himalaya combines fresh and woody ingredients for a perfectly balanced, exhilarating and masculine fragrance.

Bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin and lemon provide a zesty nod to the cooler refreshing climate whilst warm and spicy notes of pink pepper and nutmeg lead effortlessly into a woody base of cedarwood, sandalwood and musk, reminiscent of the warmer Himalayan foothills.