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Summer Holidays with Creed

Creed perfumes illuminate and reflect the magic of the summer season and the sophisticated adventure of holidays. Creed’s scented spell is everywhere, radiating luxurious natural ingredients harvested in every continent. Sixth generation Master Perfumer Olivier Creed is a dedicated world traveller, for business and for pleasure both.

Olivier’s experiences of exotic countries are celebrated and amplified in beautiful fragrances which preserve his impressions for ever, sharing his memories with the wearers of his scents and enabling them to create a personalised holiday album.

Perfume connoisseurs prefer to travel by water rather than by air. As they approach landfall, their noses revel in a bombardment of delicious fragrance. JARDINS D’AMALFI celebrates this exquisite experience. The luscious green scents of the Italian coast reach out to greet new holiday arrivals, blended with the tang of sea salt and enhanced by the warmth of the sun.

EROLFA is a legendary Millesime which celebrates the joy and exhilaration of a glorious day on the waves. The name is also that of Olivier Creed’s luxurious private yacht - an ingenious acronym which celebrates Olivier’s immediate family (ER-win, OL-ivia, FA-bienne).

Inspired by the special magic of an island: a tiny kingdom set in a sapphire sea with its own climate, vegetation and exotic odours is VIRGIN ISLAND WATER - as brilliantly hued as a macaw with lime, tuberose and coconut. MILLESIME IMPERIAL is a more Mediterranean vision - rich with amber: as musky and woody as your own private Greek isle in the Cyclades.

Creed leads you from one natural wonder to the next, on holidays that never end.

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