A Fragrant Transition From Summer To Autumn

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2 Fragrances that will transition you from Summer to Autumn with ease

bottle of creed original vetiver on cut logs

As the seasons change, the nights get darker and the summer heat becomes a distant memory, we find ourselves seeking something different from our fragrances. In summer, we tend to find ourselves reaching for uplifting citrus, fruity and cooling marine scents, while autumn presents the perfect opportunity to give our fragrance wardrobe a little refresh – an injection of warmth, seduction and elegance.

Though you might not be ready to say goodbye to summer and succumb to a luxuriously rich winter perfume just yet, we have two fragrances that will perfectly transition you with style into the new autumn season. Both powerhouse scents in their own right, Original Vetiver and Original Santal offer the perfect balance between refreshing and warm, uplifting and rich, classic and contemporary.

Whether you wear them on their own or blend them with your favourite summer or winter fragrance to bridge the seasonal gap, these two irresistible Eau de Parfums from the House of Creed allow you to step into the autumn season with ease.

Original Vetiver

Reminiscent of lingering summers and a walk through the lush countryside, Original Vetiver boasts an irresistible green grassy opening mixed with fresh woody notes to provide a subtly masculine scent that is both uplifting enough for daytime wearers, and gourmand enough to hold its own at night.

Using the whole vetiver plant – the leaves, the stems and the roots, this classic fragrance blends zesty citrus notes and the fresh scent of vetiver with a warm and spicy heart of coriander, white pepper and pink peppercorns. The earthy, leathery and animalic base of sandalwood, vetiver and musk provides a rich finish that makes it perfect for a seamless transition into the cooler autumn season.

Layering Original Vetiver

Try layering Original Vetiver with some summertime classics to add depth with it’s earthy and leathery characteristics.

Our fragrance expert recommends pairing it with Aventus Cologne, Neroli Sauvage or Pure White Cologne. Each fragrance opens with a flourish of citrus notes that are wonderfully complemented by the bergamot, bitter orange and mandarin in Original Vetiver, whilst it’s richer notes will help add a further dimension to the otherwise summery scents. For a more sophisticated and refined finish, perfect for Autumnal evening soirees, try layering Original Vetiver on top of Royal Oud.

Original Santal

Inspired by the opulence of India, Original Santal evokes the warmth of the Indian air, the spices of the bustling food markets and the majestic allure of Indian architecture. Combining woody and oriental notes of ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood and Tonka bean, this spicy and sensual Eau de Parfum is designed to turn heads.

Warming and indulgent with a luxuriously rich base, Original Santal makes the perfect autumn fragrance, instantly transporting you to the warm Indian climate just as the evenings begin to grow colder.

Layering your Original Santal

The warm, woody and spicy nature of Original Santal makes it the perfect companion for layering underneath fresher summertime scents as you transition into Autumn. Yet, the distinctly rich and captivating base pairs effortlessly with richer oriental and woody fragrances, for a unique evening or winter scent.

Our fragrance expert recommends layering Original Santal underneath Erolfa to draw out the spicy and woody notes found in this summertime marine Eau de Parfum. Alternatively, pair it with Sublime Vanille or Royal Oud for a richer, oriental fragrance creation.

For a feminine twist on this typically masculine scent, layer Original Santal with our best-selling women’s perfume, Aventus for Her, or the opulent Royal Princess Oud for an elegant and ultra-seductive twist.

Finally, for a fiery masculine scent, layer with Viking. The warm notes of ginger, vanilla and musk in Original Santal provide an added layer of spice and masculinity, whilst the shared notes of peppermint, lemon, pink pepper, lavender and sandalwood marry these two fragrances naturally together.