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3 Cologne-Inspired Summer Fragrances

a bottle of pure white cologne exploding with liquid and flowers
As warmer days dawn, thought starts to turn to summer with its golden sunrises, balmy evenings and lively gatherings outdoors. Stir the spirit of the season and reawaken your most treasured sunlit memories with three invigorating cologne-inspired Eau de Parfums from The House of Creed, each bursting with freshness yet meticulously crafted to survive the heat.  

The Best Fragrances for Summer 

Eau de Cologne fragrances have long been celebrated for their signature revivifying freshness with bright citrus sparkles and subtle herbal notes that instantly uplift the wearer. An Eau de Cologne may thus seem the perfect olfactive choice for summer; however, their characteristic lightness often dries down to a faint finish that requires frequent top-ups.  

With an unwavering commitment to quality, The House of Creed has crafted three sun-kissed fragrances that capture the citrusy spirit of an Eau de Cologne in the form of an Eau de Parfum. Boasting the same Millésime hallmark of all other creations from The House of Creed on account of their exquisitely high concentration of natural oils, these cologne-inspired masterpieces revitalize the wearer, while offering an unparalleled sensory experience that endures—even in the height of summer. 

Aventus Cologne 

This cooler counterpart to legendary Aventus is perfectly suited to the urban-spirited sophisticate. Aventus Cologne has a fresh and vigorous allure that makes it an ideal composition for summer days. Uplifting the wearer with its fruity burst of mandarin, pink pepper and ginger, this universal offering thrills with its sumptuous heart of pineapple and patchouli. Setting Aventus Cologne apart from a traditional Eau de Cologne is its rich base of birch, styrax and musk, which adds an enduring layer of summertime warmth.  

Discover Aventus Cologne

Viking Cologne 

Inspired by the wild beauty of the Norwegian fjords and a terrain yet to be explored, Viking Cologne perfectly encapsulates the spirit of summertime adventure. A fresh reinterpretation of fiery Viking, this exhilarating creation opens with zesty notes of Italian lemon, bergamot and mandarin warmed by pink pepper. Heady notes of lavender, nutmeg, rosemary, geranium and sage intertwine at the heart to entice and excite, while a woody base of cedarwood, sandalwood and Haitian vetiver creates an energising, long-lasting dry down. This free-spirited, effusive fragrance will inspire a thirst for daring endeavours and boundless exploration in the height of summer. 

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Pure White Cologne 

As effervescent and exhilarating as the first sip of chilled champagne on a hot summer’s day, Pure White Cologne from the Royal Exclusives Collection opens with the aromatic luminosity of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit. This invigorating burst is balanced by a floral yet juicy heart of jasmine, orris butter and watermelon before diving into a deep base of rich cedarwood, white musk and Ambroxan. Capturing the essence of summer with its clean, clear accord, this luxury perfume for men and women is timeless, uplifting, and endlessly alluring. 

Discover Pure White Cologne 


Masterfully crafted to add a vibrant accent to summertime while leaving a long-lasting olfactive impression, these three cologne-inspired creations from The House of Creed will be welcome additions to your seasonal fragrance wardrobe. Discover them today online or at your nearest Creed boutique.​