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4 Empowering Scents For Her To Wear This International Women's Day

a bottle of royal princess out on a marble counter

Celebrated on the 8th March, we’re marking International Women’s Day this year with a spotlight on our women’s fragrances  that are inspired by some of history’s most empowering females. Whether you’re going about your daily routine or marking the occasion with something special, explore these four bold perfumes that will be sure to channel elegance, success and confidence for the wearer.

Aventus For Her

Honouring the powerful women of the past, present and future, Aventus for Her is an impressionable ladies’ perfume that captures strength, determination and a twist of modern opulence, thanks to the amalgamation of bold, rich and luxuriously extravagant ingredients, sourced from some of the finest regions in the world.

Perfection at it’s finest, Olivier Creed took great pride in ensuring this scent was just right. Nearly three years in the making, Aventus for Her was launched in 2016 with immediate success and today it remains our leading women’s scent worldwide. Taking inspiration from some of history’s most influential women, including empresses, queens and heads of states, Olivier Creed also looked to contemporary inspiring females, including modern royal figures, visionaries, artists and writers, to shape this scent and the story it tells the wearer.

The end result? An irresistible women’s perfume that opens with a blend of crisp apple, sparkling bergamot, fragrant pink pepper and patchouli. Blossoming into a sensual heart of dewy Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, styrax and musk, this olfactive masterpiece closes with a sophisticated base of peach, blackcurrant, lilac, amber and ylang ylang.

Spring Flower

This bold and overtly feminine perfume, bottles 1950’s Hollywood glamour at it’s finest. Much like the golden era, which saw the rise of strong, influential and confident females, Spring Flower captures style, elegance and contagious optimism that provides a timeless classic for the wearer.

Brimming with flirtatious fruity fresh notes of apple, apricot, melon and peach and delicate florals of jasmine and rose provide the perfect balance to the rich base. A final flurry of sensual musk provides a lasting air of sophistication to this otherwise playful, youthful and extravagant fragrance for her.

Royal Princess Oud

Taking inspiration from his ancestors tailoring past, Olivier Creed looked to his family’s old sketchbooks to capture the essence of their female clientele of the past. Drawn to the rich red velvets that adorned the luxurious riding habits, designed for the most elite females of the time, Olivier Creed looked to capture this same empowerment, status and strength through the use of rich ingredients and the elegant red and gold bottle.

A seductive and feminine take on a classic oud, Royal Princess Oud is a captivating yet glamorously modern fragrance. Floral notes of rose, violet, jasmine and iris mingle together in both the top and heart notes to capture the effortlessly feminine touch. Oriental vanilla and earthy patchouli provide the opulent step into the rich base of benzoin siam, sandalwood, styrax and oud: A magical declaration of a strong and elegant female.

“After seeing the sketches for the first time, I could picture the scent in my mind particularly the red garments that graced the pages of these archival books struck me as incredibly empowering and beautiful for all women, not just of that time period. I knew oud – a historical ingredient that is both expensive and rare – would be befitting for this magical accord.”

Love in Black

A tribute to bold femininity, Love in Black is the proud sister of the delicately romantic floral scent, Love in White . Command the room with this daring floral fragrance for her. Packed full of warmth thanks to the cedarwood and musk, Love in Black is also full of a surprising spiciness that offers a bold twist to the rich and elegant floral sweetness created by the blackcurrant, violet, iris, and rose. Extravagant and unapologetic with an air of mystery, Love in Black is bursting with personality and is the ultimate statement for the proud and confident woman.