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Ask The Expert - Winter Fragrances

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As we delve deeper into the winter, it is important that we look towards moments of wellbeing to banish those January blues. With that in mind, the House of Creed caught up with Mayfair boutique Fragrance Expert, Alan Hunter, for some tips on how to breath warmth and wellbeing into your life through perfumery.

We discussed the ultimate comforting fragrances, including Royal Oud, Green Irish Tweed and Original Vétiver, alongside how to change up your fragrance according to the seasons.

Should you switch up your signature scent depending on the season?

Should you wear a duffel coat in 30 degree celsius heat on the beach? Probably not. An idea we always recommend our clients is that fragrance is essentially an extension of your wardrobe and with this approach, we should always consider changing our scents with the passing seasons.

In the winter months, try looking for fragrances with warmer tones in to provide comfort or depth. In the autumn, my favourite scent to wear is Original Vétiver. It reminds me of those cool, crisp late September or early October mornings around 8am. When the sun is newly risen and there is a mist on the ground and not a cloud in the sky. Its also my go to Spring scent. In the summer months I crave refreshing citrus notes found in Aventus Cologne and Virgin Island Water, or aquatic notes found in Erolfa

What fragrances would you recommend for winter?

For winter I love to bask in the comfort of Original Santal. This scent really captures the spirit and warmth of the festive period with Zingy ginger, Juniper Berries and Mandarin wrapped warmly in Sandalwood with Tonka Bean and Cedarwood. It always feels like the safety of family filled with lots of good laughs and a loving embrace.

Another recommendation for a winter scent that is in complete contrast to the warmth and spice of Original Santal, is Silver Mountain Water. This beautifully cool and crisp scent has an invigorating fresh snow like quality to it. With a burst of Bergamot and Blackcurrant in partnership with Orange in the opening, Tea and an ozonic accord in the heart and an indulgent Sandalwood and Musk bass.

In the winter months, try looking for fragrances with warmer tones in to provide comfort or depth.

Are there any particular ingredients that suit the winter season?

Winter is a time when you can really be daring and bold in your fragrance choices. The fabrics you wear are a lot heavier than in the summer months and your skin a lot drier so fragrances that might feel too heavy or overpowering in summer truly come to life in winter, layered into your favourite knitwear.

Royal Oud is the perfect example of this. Inspired by the architectural grandeur of Persian Palaces, the warm and distinctive scent of Royal Oud captures the spiritual and assured elegance of majestic oud. With a fresh opening of Lime and Pink Pepper, this daring scent flows ever so elegantly into Angelica Seed and Cardamom, before powerfully ruling with a captivating base of “smoky” frankincense (known as the “King of Oils”), guaiac wood and oud.

Unlike other Oud fragrances, The House of Creed uses oud as a complementary note - a guest, if you will, that allows the other notes to shine in their crowning glory. So whilst I think Royal Oud is the ultimate fragrance of choice for winter, the refreshing notes nestled within give this scent an effortless transitional quality for all season.

Discover more about oud within perfumery in our guide to oud fragrances here.

Can I layer different fragrances?

Fragrances are essentially cocktails that you wear instead of drinking. If you find the right mix, you’re on to a winner. However, our fragrances at the House of Creed are incredibly sophisticated and should be enjoyed on their own, each one being a work of art. 

Which fragrance family is best suited for the colder months?

During the cold months, scent does not lift as well as it would during warmer weather. Our skin tends to dry out from central heating or the chilly air, which of course is not desirable for wearing your fragrance. Our olfactory receptors are more constricted during colder temperatures, so a heavier, richer fragrance is needed to counteract that. The fragrance families you should explore are woody, amber ambrée  and spicy with such characteristic ingredients as jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense and so on.