Cut Different: The Aventus Collection

Cut Different: The Aventus Collection

The House of Creed’s iconic signature fragrance collection is cut different, tailormade with exclusive ingredients and artisanal techniques. Read on to uncover what makes these powerhouse perfumes so unique.

In the world of perfumery, the House of Creed stands alone. A unique savoir faire, refined over 260 years, is what sets it apart. Beginning as couturiers to the royal courts of Europe, dressing tastemakers over generations, that same tailor’s eye is brought to every aspect of perfumery. Working side-by-side with the best producers in the world, The House of Creed is granted access to the most exclusive ingredients, which are mixed and macerated using artisanal methods to create the most luxurious fragrances. 

This is why the Aventus collection is cut different. These three powerhouse perfumes are the distillation of centuries of The House of Creed’s unique expertise and distinctive “seed to scent” philosophy. The process begins with careful selection of the finest raw ingredients. Measured, mixed and macerated using time-honoured techniques, these become the irreplaceable natural essences that make each Aventus fragrance a true masterpiece of modern perfumery.

A Legacy Distilled

Aventus: Created for those who chart their own destiny, The House of Creed’s cult classic and most revered fragrance, Aventus, bursts with originality. The bright citrus of exclusive hand-picked Calabrian bergamot leads into delicious pineapple notes tinged with pink pepper. Birch and cedar balance the juiciness of blackcurrant with the dark complexity of dry woods, amplified by the addictive velvet softness of ambroxan that lingers on the skin. Audacious, determined, confident and unique.

"More than just a fragrance, Aventus is the distillation of centuries of Creed’s unique expertise - and an expression of our “seed to scent” philosophy."

A Collection Cut Different

Aventus For Her: Inspired by the trailblazers and pioneers who have helped to shape The House of Creed’s 260-year history, Aventus For Her was made to measure for those who are always ahead of the trend and who dare to pursue their passion. With James Henry Creed designing the first riding habit for women, this fragrance is translated to the present, capturing The House of Creed’s history, distilled and bottled. Crafted with the finest ingredients and artisanal techniques, Aventus For Her is exhilarating and inspiring. Pink pepper and bergamot create a thrilling overture to the fruit and floral heart of summer peaches and roses in bloom, settling into the soft seduction of musk and ambroxan.

Aventus Cologne: The breathtaking originality of Aventus transformed into a groundbreaking cologne. Crafted with the attention to detail born from our legacy as couturiers to the royal courts of Europe, and made with our unique “seed to
scent” process, Aventus Cologne is a masterpiece of modern perfumery. Fresh spice notes of ginger and pink pepper open up to a warm pineapple breeze that wafts over dry birchwood for a contemporary profile. Aventus Cologne - cologne, cut different.

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