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Introducing: Carmina

a bottle of Carmina with a blurred dancer in background

The House of Creed invites you to discover the sensuous and exotic realm of Carmina, a seductive and modern rose fragrance, suffused with strong aromatic woods and a warm, spiced base.

The Story Of Carmina

In Creed’s latest creation, exquisite new ingredients are showcased in a sensual masterpiece that captures the very essence of feminine allure, a mesmerising fusion of beauty and passion that electrifies the air through its powerful sillage.

This beautiful expression of femininity was inspired by the confident looks and graceful poses of Henry Creed’s original fashion sketches discovered at the Creed maison on Ave Pierre 1er de Serbie in Paris, which depict the latest styles and most sought-after looks for each season, masterfully envisioned by the leading ateliers of the time. With their exquisite tailoring and sumptuous fabrics, they are designs for women who unapologetically embrace their own allure and charisma, and are the inspiration for Carmina, a skillful evocation of that same sense of confidence and charisma.

Discover Carmina
"Bold, sultry and mysterious, Creed’s latest fragrance combines captivating notes of Rose de Mai with strong woods that take you on a sensuous journey to exotic locations"

Uncover Carmina

As it opens, Carmina displays an electric sensibility with a luscious burst of rich black cherry that is deftly paired with spiced notes of pink pepper and warm saffron, adding an unforgettable sophistication. This seductive opening is warmed through a haze of luxurious cashmere wood, billowing in velvet clouds, that unfurl to reveal the rarest and most precious of all rose scents, ethereal rose de mai. Grown only in the town of Grasse, known as the home of perfume, rose de mai is plucked by hand at dawn just once each year, when its scent is at its most perfect. Revered for the purity of its fragrance, it has long been the most treasured of all roses, and is fittingly at the heart of Carmina. To complete this sensual journey, immortal frankincense and myrrh, cherished since antiquity, unfold languorously through Carmina, gently balancing layers of golden amber accords, and bringing an exotic whisper to the smouldering musk and ambroxan at the base.

From the charged vibrancy upon opening to the enticing warmth that graces its base, Carmina is an unapologetically modern rose fragrance, in an ardent homage to the power of passion and unwavering self-confidence. In Carmina, the House of Creed’s storied legacy in haute couture converges with its unrivalled skill in crafting exquisite scents to create a contemporary rose floral that unequivocally embodies the essence of feminine allure.