CREED × Zhang Ding x UCCA Lab Year of the Dragon Artist Collaboration

CREED × Zhang Ding x UCCA Lab Year of the Dragon Artist Collaboration

In honour of Chinese New Year, The House of Creed has jointly invited esteemed contemporary Chinese artist, Zhang Ding (张鼎) with UCCA Lab to create a limited-edition collection.

Together, we have meticulously crafted 18 exclusive art pieces, each enclosing a 250ml flacon of our iconic Millésime Impérial fragrance and bespoke 10ml travel atomiser.

CREED × Zhang Ding x UCCA Lab

The exterior of these exceptional art pieces is adorned with Zhang‘s unique artistry and abstract representations of the Dragon in his design. Inspired by the winding patterns of the Seine River situated in Fontainebleau, France, it is here that CREED mixes and macerates the finest ingredients in its artisanal factory to
create its magnificent perfumes. Rich hues of red and gold, traditional colours
of Chinese New Year, adorn the artwork and invoke the spirit of the occasion.

Year of the Dragon Artist Collaboration

As one of the most influential Chinese artists on the international art scene, Zhang Ding's large-scale sculptures and multi-sensory installations have graced some of the world's most renowned galleries and museums, including London's Institute of
Contemporary Art. He was also invited to present a special large installation 18 Cubes at the Encounters section of Art Basel in Hong Kong in 2016. Our collaboration serves as a continuation of Vortex, his seminal 2017 work adorned with luxurious 24k gold.

Join us in celebrating Chinese New Year with this exceptional collaboration between CREED, UCCA Lab and Zhang Ding and embrace the fusion of artistry and craftsmanship encapsulated in every drop of Millésime Impérial.