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The 24 Hour Scent: How One Fragrance Can Carry You From Day-To-Night With Ease

a bottle of Millesime imperial against a background suggesting sunrise

Looking for a long-lasting fragrance that not only suits the daytime, but also carries you through perfectly to your evening commitments? It can sometimes seem like an impossible task but we’re confident we have found the solution. Whether you’re going from the office to a romantic meal with your partner or need a fragrance that is going to last you through your hectic weekend schedule, Millésime Impérial is the perfect fragrance of choice.

Fresh, stylish and effortlessly balanced, Millésime Impérial is brimming with light, citrus notes of bergamot, mandarin and lemon. A hearty marine accord reveals an aquatic twist to the zesty top notes, which gives way to a richer and subtly masculine base of sandalwood, amber and musk.

This refined and sophisticated blend of ingredients lends itself well to not only a unisex fragrance, but also to a discreet and timeless classic – not too overbearing for the daytime, but equally warm enough to see you through to the evening. The elegant scent is beautifully housed in an enchanting gold bottle for the ultimate luxury experience.

The history behind  Millésime Impérial

A milestone in Creed history, Millésime Impérial marks the House perfumery’s 150-year anniversary since its establishment in Paris. Relocated at the request of Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie, Creed has savoured a long and rich history to the elite, including the Imperial courts of Europe. Paying homage to Creed’s royal and influential clientele, this fresh and stylish scent captures warm and sparkling notes richly layered with a sophisticated base.

Bespoke your Millésime Impérial

The versatile nature of this Eau de Parfum of Millésime quality makes it a classic staple for your fragrance wardrobe. A signature scent in its own right, Millésime Impérial also creates the perfect base for fragrance layering. Blending it with lighter perfumes such as Silver Mountain Water or Royal Water makes for a refreshing twist to your daytime perfume or aftershave. These fresh fragrances are beautifully complemented by the zesty notes of Millésime Impérial.

Wear it underneath a more masculine or feminine scent for a subtle twist to your everyday signature. Layer Millésime Impérial with Green Irish Tweed or Aventus for a lighter take on our cult masculine scents. Alternatively, layering with Acqua Fiorentina adds a subtle balance to the floral fruity and ever feminine perfume.

Opting for a richer base to compliment Millésime Impérial is the perfect way to carry this adaptable scent through to the evening. Try layering with Royal Oud for an opulent twist or for a feminine take, blend with Royal Princess Oud. Both layering combinations create depth and warmth to the fresh marine scent of Millésime Impérial, making it the perfect evening scent.