What Is The Difference Between Aventus And Aventus Cologne?

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What Is The Difference Between Aventus & Aventus Cologne?

What Is The Difference Between Aventus & Aventus Cologne?
Aventus, a bold, aromatic Eau de Parfum, first burst onto the scene in 2010, soon to become The House of Creed’s most revered fragrance. Inspired to create a new legend, in 2019 the house released Aventus Cologne as a fresher counterpart to original Aventus and a rebellious twist on the cult classic.  

While both fragrances embody The House of Creed’s 260-year legacy of harnessing the finest natural ingredients to craft highly original perfumes, they offer entirely unique olfactive experiences. Read on to uncover what sets Aventus and Aventus Cologne apart and find out which of these powerhouse fragrances is right for you. 


The Key Differences Between Aventus and Aventus Cologne

Fragrance Profile and Ingredients 

Aventus is a classic Eau de Parfum of Millésime quality, hand-crafted using time-honoured techniques. Despite what its name may suggest, Aventus Cologne mirrors this classification. Although the latter fragrance was inspired by the citrusy composition and exhilarating spirit of traditional Eau de Colognes, it stands firmly as an Eau de Parfum on account of its high concentration of fragranced oils and long-lasting base notes. Even with this shared classification, Aventus and Aventus Cologne do have unique fragrance profiles and ingredients. 

Aventus is Woody, Fruity and Fresh. It opens with a burst of tantalising lemon, pink pepper and Italian bergamot leading into a fresh and floral heart of exotic pineapple, sweet jasmine and Indonesian patchouli. Balancing the juiciness of these head and heart notes is a woody base of oakmoss, cedarwood and The House of Creed’s signature ingredient of ambergris notes, which adds a touch of dark complexity to this bold, elegant fragrance. 

Aventus Cologne is Woody, Citrusy and Fresh. Its debut of spicy ginger, zesty mandarin and pink peppercorn is an exquisite complement to the sumptuous notes nestled into its heart of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver. Balancing these head and heart notes is a dry and woody base of birch, musk and styrax, which provide the final lasting touch to this distinctive scent. 


Occasion and Wearability 

As the bolder of the two fragrances, Aventus is seen as an ideal choice for evening wear or formal occasions where one might want to make more of a statement. Aventus Cologne offers a complementary yet fresher olfactive experience with a more universal approach, which many are drawn to as their energising everyday fragrance. 

The House of Creed celebrates individuality and embraces those who redefine the rules in perfumery. Both fragrances should therefore be enjoyed howsoever the wearer chooses.  


Which one should you choose: Aventus vs. Aventus Cologne? 

Your choice depends on your olfactive preferences and signature style. If you favour bolder compositions, Aventus will make a fragrant statement while vibrant Aventus Cologne will revitalise your senses with alluring fresh vigour. As a complementary duo, many are drawn to both fragrances, choosing Aventus for the evening or more formal occasions and favouring Aventus Cologne for everyday wear.  

If you are still undecided, look no further than The House of Creed’s Universal Inspiration Sample Set. This unique wardrobe of five signature fragrances, available for just £40, invites you to experience both Aventus and Aventus Cologne in an ideal discovery size. You can then redeem the value against a future purchase of your preferred Eau de Parfum. 

Alternatively, you can venture into your nearest boutique to experience both fragrances for yourself. Find your nearest location here.