What Is The Difference Between Viking And Viking Cologne?

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What Is The Difference Between Viking And Viking Cologne?

bottles of viking cologne and viking side by side

Instantly setting out on a journey to greatness, Viking  launched in 2017 to rapturous acclaim. This masterful men’s Eau de Parfum – inspired by the boldness and pioneering nature of the Vikings – quickly claimed a GQ Grooming Award for Best Limited Fragrance and has gone on to become one of the most iconic Creed men’s fragrances.

Now, four years later, The House of Creed introduces a new take on the spirit of the Norsemen - Viking Cologne.

This fresh, ethereal and universal fragrance that invigorates and excites the wearer is the latest addition to the Viking saga.

What Is The Difference Between Viking and Viking Cologne?

If Viking Eau de Parfum has been a firm staple in your fragrance wardrobe for some time, it likely didn’t go undetected that the latest fragrance from The House of Creed shares a similar name to the bold, spicy fragrance that you’ve cherished since 2017. Whilst indisputably related by appearance, name and a shared inspiration, Viking and Viking Cologne retain distinct identities.

The Vikings were people of innumerable talents and passions – tireless adventurers, fierce warriors and skilled craftsmen. Ambitiously journeying across the globe in their exquisitely built longships, the Vikings brought exotic riches back to their homelands, and not just from raids as we tend to imagine. They were shrewd traders, offering tin, furs and worked metal in exchange for spices, gems and glassware. It is this multifaceted identity that we celebrate and encapsulate in these two inspiring fragrances.

Viking’s  power lies is in its fiery confidence, bottling bold, fearless ambition. A symbol of voyage, this powerful, woody men’s fragrance takes its inspiration from the harsh contrasts of volcanic fire and icy glaciers found in Iceland – a region famously conquered by the Vikings – as well as the iconic hand-crafted wooden longships that bore them across the arctic seas. In contrast, Viking Cologne  draws strength from its free-spirited freshness, the essence of adventure and discovery. Tapping into the iconic, legendary tales of Norway, Viking Cologne  celebrates the pioneering energy of the Norsemen.

How do the ingredients differ between Viking and Viking Cologne?

Viking  is a true fusion of fire and ice, an ode to the captivatingly bold modern man, unafraid to stand out from the crowd and be true to himself. Bright, cool notes of bergamot, peppermint and lemon, reminiscent of the frozen freshness of Iceland’s majestic glaciers, combine with warm, spicy pink and black peppercorns and rose, redolent of the legendary land’s spectacular, incandescent volcanoes. An elegant, aromatic base of sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli and lavandin absolute sets passions alight – with a sensual, evocative dry down that turns heads and sparks intrigue.

Viking Cologne

Vibrant and alive, Viking Cologne soars through clear Summer skies, capturing the soul of the daring modern explorer. Cool, zesty top notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin and pink pepper create a burst of freshness, invigorating and inspiring a sense of boundless adventure. A heart of aromatic lavender, nutmeg, rosemary and sage entice the senses and intertwine with delicate green notes of geranium, to evoke the irresistible intrigue of unexplored lands. At its base, warming sandalwood, cedarwood and bright frankincense layer with an earthy blend of patchouli and vetiver for a mysterious, exciting dry down.

Both fragrances inspire passion and adventure, through their shared notes of vibrant bergamot and lemon, as well as powerful sandalwood and intoxicating patchouli. They are different, yet complement each other, and as with all Creed perfumes, are undisputed equals in their extraordinary craftsmanship. Just like the Vikings themselves – warriors one day and explorers the next – these fragrances reflect different aspects of one extraordinary individual, unafraid to stand out from the crowd.

Viking is ambition, confidence and success in the boardroom while Viking Cologne is the daring, free-spirited pioneer on the mountainside. Viking is a warm, elegant scent that wears wonderfully in the colder months, while Viking Cologne's freshness delights and energises in Spring and Summer.

Is Viking Cologne an Eau de Parfum or a Cologne?

Despite its name, Viking Cologne  is an Eau de Parfum in strength. Its heady, luxuriant complexity has been combined with the invigorating freshness associated with Eau de Cologne, but it shares the same high concentration and Millésime quality as can be expected of all Creed Eau de Parfums. The name simply reflects the inspiration behind the fragrance, and the desire to create a scent that invigorates, energises and inspires the wearer.

The difference between an Eau de Parfum and an Eau de Cologne is an important distinction for any fragrance connoisseur to understand, and can be read about in more detail in our dedicated guide to the different fragrance types.