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Floral Fragrances From The House of Creed

Floral Fragrances From The House of Creed

Flowers are one of the purest sensorial delights the world has to offer, whether enjoyed through a garden in full bloom, an exquisite bouquet or fortunate discoveries out in the countryside.

We marvel at the perfection of a delicate petal, wonder at the brilliance of a colourful bloom, and more than anything, are captivated by their sublime scents. Flowers are the beauty of the world, expressed with such joyful abandon that the heart cannot help but lift, and the spirit cannot help but smile. It is no surprise that flowers have played important roles throughout human history, in medicine, art and fashion, and of course, through the choice to adorn ourselves with their exalted fragrances.

An Olfactive Symphony

From Bulgarian roses to Florentine irises, Indian tuberose, Parma violets and Moroccan jasmine – floral fragrances from all over the world sing together in a diverse harmony that celebrates the world at its most beautiful. Each flower carries with it a unique identity – such as the sensual eroticism of jasmine, the honeyed warmth of tuberose, the seductive hypnotism of violet, or the heady deliciousness of rose. However, despite their individual qualities, flower scents come alive when combined. Just as a bouquet and the floral borders in the garden combine a variety of flowers to maximise their impact, so do floral fragrances. Perhaps this is how flowers were always meant to be experienced – after all, a wildflower meadow in its natural state, bursting with bucolic floral abundance, has created variety all on its own.

Characteristics of Floral Fragrances

The floral perfume takes many forms, from playful and sparkling to opulent and seductive, and is best known for adding feminine dimensions to a fragrance. And just as femininity comes in many ever-changing shades, each bloom can have a different impact depending on the notes it accompanies. Jasmine, for example, can be an extraordinarily sensual scent, but when combined with juicy fruits and crisp citrus notes, it becomes energetic, youthful and spring-like.

Floral fragrances can be further categorised to help the wearer better understand the impact of the perfume they are choosing. A Soft Floral fragrance has an optimistic, harmonious and playful accord, fruitiness combined with sweet flowers, often resting on a pillowy bed of musky notes.

Floral Oriental on the other hand is passionate and enticing, with warm, sensual ingredients that elevate the romantic heart of the floral notes. Different still is Floral Fruity, a modern, charming blend that emboldens the wearer, amplifying confidence through spirited, dynamic combinations of freshly harvested citrus, exotic and orchard fruits, without tempering the femininity of the floral notes.

Importantly, not every floral note plays a starring role. Some of the world’s most intoxicatingly masculine fragrances boast a floral note like rose or jasmine at their heart – tying together spicy, green, crisp and woody notes like a ribbon around a gift. Sometimes almost imperceptible to the wearer, but never a wallflower – these florals provide a foundation from which the other ingredients can soar.

The Best Floral Fragrances from The House of Creed

The extraordinary versatility of floral perfumes cannot be understated, and by using the highest quality flower essences, Olivier Creed ensures that their scents can truly shine. From dark and seductive to optimistic and cheerful, flirty and sweet to elegant and refined, read on to explore the heights that floral scents can reach in the hands of a master perfumer.

Aventus For Her

An unabashed celebration of femininity, this Creed perfume for women empowers and inspires through a modern blend of floral, fruity and citrus notes. Opening with a crisp, modern splash of green apple, bergamot, pink pepper and lemon, the floral fruitiness blossoms to create a stunningly fresh yet feminine heart with rose, lilac and ylang-ylang interweaving with blackcurrant, pineapple and peach. A sensual and opulent base of sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, musk and ambergris creates a fortifying base, reminding the wearer of her strength and power throughout the day.

Spring Flower

Capturing the flirtatious, bold and playful side of femininity, Spring Flower is the embodiment of ‘pretty in pink’. Inspired by the jubilant atmosphere of springtime, its youthful yet sophisticated nature inspires optimism and makes a confident statement.

The energetic opening notes of bergamot, grapefruit and lemon blend effortlessly into the succulent heart of apricot and peach, irresistibly intertwined with heady jasmine and sublime white flowers. Resting on a tranquil bed of ambergris, cedarwood and musk, every note in this timeless fragrance leaves the wearer lusting for more.

Acqua Fiorentina

A citrus opening sets the scene of a hot summer’s day in this tranquil women’s fragrance, whilst juicy notes of apple, plum and greengage conjure images of an orchard, fruit-laden and bathed in sunshine. The rose lying at the heart creates a delicious, floral sweetness, redolent of the aroma unique to a sun-warmed fruit, plucked fresh from the tree.

This is a gentle, harmonious fragrance, with a cedarwood and musk base that bathes the wearer in a peaceful, lasting joy.

Love In White

Inspired by a drive through blossoming tree-lined streets, with a fresh breeze in the air and the delicate first bouquet of spring in the hand, Love In White is an exquisite, romantic declaration of love. This Eau de Parfum for women opens with juicy notes of orange zest, apple and apricot, before blooming into an unapologetically floral heart of narcissus, iris, jasmine, magnolia and rose.

Elegant and iconic, the sensual base of musk and cedarwood creates a sophisticated dry down that celebrates, love, spring, and new beginnings.

Love In Black

Rich, passionate and opulent, this Floral Oriental fragrance for women is darkly romantic, opening with a gasp as heady violets merge with the sharp tang of raspberries and cranberries.

An unexpectedly delicate heart of sweet rose, iris and jasmine creates a sugary softness, while the seductive base of musk, cedarwood and leather leaves a voluptuous, mysterious essence against the skin.

Royal Princess Oud

Utterly captivating, this woody and floral fragrance is provocative, bold and empowering. Sparkling top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, blackcurrant, pineapple and raspberry are instantly inspiring, whilst the richly elegant floral notes of iris, orris butter, jasmine and rose create a luxurious heart.

Cedarwood and oud deliver a sensual, woody base perfectly suited to a glamorous woman who knows her strength.

White Flowers

This divinely beautiful scent enchants all who are fortunate enough to encounter it. A cotton fresh, effortlessly mellow opening of green apple, violets and lemon makes way for a sublime heart of jasmine, geranium and rose, and a subtly rich, romantic base of musk, narcissus and cedarwood creates a dry down that could best be described as flawless. Almost surreal in its dreaminess, this is the epitome of an elegant floral scent.

As delicate as flowers may be, the worldwide hunt for the finest specimens presents a challenge fit for the boldest of adventurers. No one is more adept at uncovering the finest floral ingredients, growing in every corner of the globe, than Olivier and Erwin Creed.

This is reflected in the extraordinary floral fragrances found in The House of Creed’s fragrance collection, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed for endless spritzes to come.