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Fragrance Spotlight: Green Irish Tweed

green Irish tweed blurred on a green background

Since the moment of its launch, Green Irish Tweed has carved a name for itself as one of the bestselling Creed fragrances for men in Creed history and has become an icon of nostalgia for its wearers - evoking the classic refinement of equestrian pursuits in lavish country estates, contrasted against the wild greenery of the great outdoors.

But for those who are yet to experience this coveted Creed fragrance for him, these adventures remain undiscovered….

The Inspiration Unfolds

Deep green grass, laced with dewdrops, releases its sweet scent when crushed underfoot by a well-heeled riding boot. Later, at a canter, rain-laden air whips past, reddening cheeks and awakening the mind, while the rider remains focused and determined on the forward motion. A short break, looking out over rolling hills, a hand leaning against the rough bark of a tall tree, its leaves quietly rustling in the breeze. Nearby, a patch of wildflowers blooms under a hedgerow, creating a delicate splash of colour against the bucolic landscape. Through it all, the exquisitely tailored tweed jacket repels rain and keeps wind at bay, expressing an effortlessly stylish, vigorous essence. It is this conjunction of the wild, natural landscapes of Ireland, with the refinement of expert tailoring, that inspires the iconic fragrance of Green Irish Tweed.

Discover Green Irish Tweed

A Sartorial Muse

Luxuriously crafted, modern yet classic, tweed represents distilled masculinity - no matter by whom it is worn - a fabric made for enterprising, determined individuals. At Linton Tweed Mill in Cumbria, England, it takes many hours of work by skilled craftspeople to produce a length of tweed, celebrated for its hardwearing nature and the air of rugged sophistication it exudes. The House of Creed shares a longstanding connection with Linton Tweed Mill, dating back to the 1920s when Creed was a flourishing Paris-based fashion house. Continuing to this day, these companies share a passion for using only the finest materials, treated with meticulous care and attention to produce items of extraordinary quality. Master Perfumier Olivier Creed often muses upon this shared ethos, and it is perfectly encapsulated by the timeless, luxurious blend of ingredients used to create Green Irish Tweed.


A fresh, invigorating fougère fragrance, Green Irish Tweed evokes the wild, unspoiled landscapes of the Emerald Isle – rolling hills, ancient trees and tempestuous coastlines. But it has a further dimension to it, one of refinement and composure – an aristocratic dignity, standing stoic alongside that which is wild and untamed. Opening notes of bright lemon and verbena are cooled by icy peppermint, before giving way to aromatic lavender with fresh, green geranium and violet leaves, softened by a touch of romance from violet flowers. Understated in its elegance, this iconic scent dries down to a deep, rich base of cedarwood and precious sandalwood, balanced by crisp, arboreal oakmoss.

This refined, sophisticated Eau de Parfum is the quintessential fragrance for any modern gentleman – effortlessly stylish with a wild edge, it inspires and enlivens, timeless yet at the same time, utterly classic.