In The Spotlight: Refreshing Fruits

In The Spotlight: Refreshing Fruits
The House of Creed’s perfume pantry is bursting with luscious fruits, from the tantalizing tang of red berries to the honeyed sweetness of succulent peach. Savour the summer season with a refreshing fragrant cocktail masterfully made to measure with some of the most delectable fruits.


As part of a red berry accord, raspberry lends a sharp tang and zesty twist to a perfume. In hypnotic Love In Black, this tart note cuts through velvety violet swirls together with cranberry, before deepening with seductive rose and sweet jasmine. 

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Pairing perfectly with sensuous rose and earthy nuances of patchouli, cherry can bring a rich yet dynamic dimension to a composition. Layered with warming saffron and rare Rose de Mai in Carmina, plump black cherry adds a spirited sweetness and an irresistible playfulness that captivates those who encounter it.   

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Adding an exotic freshness to any fragrance, sweet and succulent pineapple blends exquisitely with vibrant citrus fruits. This tantalizing note can be found nestled into the heart of contemporary classic Aventus, masterfully balanced with zesty lemon, pink pepper and dry woods. 

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Smooth, soft and slightly sweet, coconut is a versatile note that can be layered with many fragrance families to bring a delectable gourmand roundness and warmth. Alongside lush, white florals and heavenly jasmine in Virgin Island Water, creamy coconut dances with tropical woods, transporting the wearer to a sun-drenched paradise. 

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Succulent peach has a unique velvety nuance that can add a subtle honeyed sweetness to a perfume, evoking a sense of warmth and comfort. Experience its velvety caress for yourself in Wind Flowers, where it softens vibrant Tunisian orange blossom, sweet jasmine and rich Rose de Mai, creating a graceful masterpiece for her. 

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Passion Fruit

Tangy and tart rather than sweet, passion fruit can lend a luscious dimension to a fragrance that truly tantalizes the senses. This exotic fruit can be found within the heart of lavish Queen of Silk, balancing a divine debut of soft peach and apricot brought by Chinese osmanthus.  

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Renowned for its sweet, citrusy notes with hints of neroli, the uplifting Sicilian mandarin (or mandarin orange) varies in intensity depending on its ripeness. In summer classic Aventus Cologne, a light and bright opening burst of mandarin dances with zingy ginger, luscious pineapple and pink pepper, revitalizing the wearer in a single spritz. 

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While celebrated in perfumery for its clean and crisp freshness, apple can also impart a soft woodiness to a composition. The accords of succulent green apple blended with sharp lemon, Calabrian bergamot and piquant pink pepper give Aventus For Her its signature daring top notes.  

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With its light sweetness, watermelon can add a refreshing sensation and cooling effect to any scent, making it an ideal choice for summertime. Uncover this fruit at the heart of sun-inspired Erolfa where it sings with lavender and coriander for a fresh fragrance that intrigues the senses. 

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Discover The House of Creed’s most iconic fruity fragrances on the official online boutique or experience them at your nearest boutique.

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