How To Find Your Signature Scent

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How To Find Your Signature Scent

How To Find Your Signature Scent
Choosing any new fragrance can be challenging but finding “the one” is invariably even more overwhelming. If, like many, you are still actively searching for a fragrant treasure to call your own and you are unsure where to start, The House of Creed’s Perfume Expert Eva Carlo has shared five practical tips for finding your signature scent.  
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What is a signature scent? 

A signature scent is more than just a fragrance that you wear regularly. It is a perfume that truly defines you, an olfactive expression of your identity, and an essence that leaves a lingering trail of you after you have gone. While you may be enticed by other fragrances as seasons go by, or as your personal style evolves with the passage of time, your signature scent is one that draws you back again and again. As a fragrant embodiment of you, a signature scent also carries a unique power with your loved ones, conjuring up emotions and evoking personal memories of you.

How Do You Choose A Signature Scent

No matter where you are in your voyage of fragrance discovery, it is never too late to leave your own olfactive impression on the world. Perfume connoisseur Eva Carlo unveils five key considerations to guide you in finding your signature scent.

1. Sample A Fragrance First

Obvious though it may seem, a perfume should be tested out prior to purchase to avoid it becoming a dust-collecting ornament rather than a staple in your beauty or grooming routine. While a quick spritz on a blotter certainly has its place in scent discovery, it can trigger impulsive decisions based on opening notes alone.  

The House of Creed’s artisanal creations are composed of the finest natural ingredients with varying longevities. Opening, or head, notes are those that you experience instantly, evaporating the most quickly, while the heart notes that follow are longer lasting, but it is the base notes that offer the most enduring olfactive trail. This composition means that any scent will smell very differently after a few hours, so taking the time to let it evolve, paying close attention to emerging or changing layers, is key.   

If you are experimenting with perfumes in person, use a tester to spritz it onto the skin, letting it develop for a few hours before making your choice. If you are looking to purchase your fragrance online, embark on a journey of discovery with a luxury sample set. This unique wardrobe of five revered men’s, women’s and universal perfumes invites you to explore the very best from The House of Creed at your own pace and from the comfort of home. To inspire additional confidence, you can redeem the value of your set against your next full-size fragrance purchase. 

However you choose to experience your new Eau de Parfum, you should always test it directly on your skin, not just on a blotter, to see if it works with your skin’s unique chemistry over time. The natural ingredients found in The House of Creed’s perfumes will blend with the natural scent of any wearer throughout the day, creating a distinctive dimension for every individual.  

"Allow yourself time to really experience the whole fragrance, from the top notes that you immediately smell, right through to the deeper, longer lasting base notes."

Eva Carlo, In House Perfume Expert

2. Consider What You Want Your Scent To Say About You

Ascertain what you would like your perfume to say about you, and you will be much closer to uncovering your signature scent. 

Do you prefer to stand out from the crowd, or are you more understated? If you love nothing more than turning heads as you enter a room, then audacious Aventus or captivating Carmina could be exquisite choices for you; however, the bold nature of these powerhouse perfumes might make them less suited to a more discreet character. Likewise, if you are in pursuit of a fragrance that captures your sense of fun or gregarious spirit, a timeless classic might not be for you, but you might find solace in a more experimental or invigorating composition.  

You should feel completely at home in a signature scent, so simply liking a perfume might not be enough to brand it “the one”; as much as fragrance is personal, it is also worn for others – to tell your story through scent - so it is crucial to know what you want to convey. 

"Before choosing your signature scent, give some thought to what you want it to communicate about you as we are ultimately wearing fragrance for other people".

Eva Carlo, In House Perfume Expert

3. Don’t Fall Victim To Fragrance Trends

Similarly, in seeking a true signature, fragrance trends should be avoided. While you might feel drawn to particular perfumes that close friends or the latest icons are wearing, these are unlikely to capture your individual style. Instead, consider fragrances that reflect your inimitable energy. 

The House of Creed prides itself on crafting highly original niche perfumes that go against the grain. Rather than encouraging individuals to experience the latest buzzworthy scent, in-house experts at The House of Creed are dedicated to offering highly personal, tailored advice.  


For a bespoke signature scent experience, venture into your nearest boutique where an expert would be delighted to walk you through The House of Creed’s portfolio of perfumes customised to your own unique style and personal tastes.  

"Consider fragrances that are going to align with your individual style. Whether you are more classical or contemporary, experimental or stick to what you know and love".

Eva Carlo, In House Perfume Expert

4. Understand The Fragrance Families 

When it comes to signature scent exploration, fragrance families can act as a unique guiding light. Each family will offer a certain message that can support with quickly narrowing down a select few fragrances to tell your story best. 

Amber and spicy fragrances tend to be warmer and heavier in nature, lending themselves more to evenings or winterwear. Fruity and citrus fragrances are comparatively more uplifting and lighter weight, making them well-suited for the daytime or during the summer months. 

Woody scents are often perceived as being more masculine and floral fragrances more feminine; however, The House of Creed wholly embraces individuality and supports those who seize any opportunity to reimagine the rules of perfumery, encouraging fragrance families to be admired and adored by all. 

Temperature may alter the scent of a fragrance, so it is always worth revisiting your wardrobe seasonally to ensure it is still working for you. Experiment with two or three signature scents to take you through seasonal transitions and to mirror your diverse personality traits as you will not feel the same every day. Since perfume is emotive, it is only natural that you might be looking for something different from your fragrance one day to the next.

"Amber and spicy fragrances tend to be much warmer and heavier in nature, lending themselves best to the winter months. Fruity and citrus fragrances tend to be more uplifting and easy to wear, making them ideal for summer months".

Eva Carlo, In House Perfume Expert

5. Find Your Own Decoding Methods

Finding your own decoding methods in perfumery can help with uncovering a new signature scent, from associating fragrance with food or travel to fabrics or fashion. 

Perfume Expert Eva Carlo loves to think of perfume in textures, pairing woody fragrances with cashmere, ouds with velvet and rosy perfumes with silky fabrics. The world of perfumery is open to interpretation and its beauty lies in experimentation. Creating your own rules that reflect you and your personality can make the discovery of your signature scent significantly easier.  

"Finding your own decoding methods will really help you when it comes to choosing a new scent. There are many ways you can approach this, from associating fragrance with food, travel, textures, musical styles or fashion".

Eva Carlo, In House Perfume Expert
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