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The Art of Fragrance Layering

The Art of Fragrance Layering

Leading Creed Trainer and Perfume Expert, Eva Carlo, unveils the art of fragrance layering, what it is, how to find a new, bespoke fragrance and why at Creed we refer to it as “bespoking” rather than layering.

What is fragrance layering?

Fragrance layering has various different meanings. Back in the day, layering was about wearing multiple body products, from the same fragrance collection, on top of one another to build an intense fragrance and make it more durable on the skin, as a well-nourished skin always holds scent better.

Nowadays, fragrance layering has become a big part of the perfumista trend. People are becoming more experimental with perfume and have been massively influenced by trends in the Middle East – they’re really who started the concept of fragrance layering. Today we refer to layering as wearing different perfumes on top of one another to create a personalised and unique scent. 

At Creed, we like to call it “bespoking” rather than layering as it alludes to our tailoring heritage but also it paints the picture that the art of layering is completely personal to you and your favourite Creed.

Why would you layer your fragrances?

Bespoking is about expressing yourself with the utmost freedom by being able to change aspects of an existing fragrance. For example, if you want fresher top notes you could opt for a fruitier scent on top of your favourite Creed. Equally, if you’re looking for a deeper base that will take you through to the evening, add richness with a woody fragrance. Florals work beautifully with a touch of oud or leathery dry down.

Ultimately, fragrance layering gives you the freedom to explore and express yourself.

Do you have any application techniques?

Always start with the richest based fragrance first. This seems the most logical application technique to ensure you do not overpower the lighter notes, but don’t be afraid to trial - be brave and play around to find the best techniques for you. Trial and error is where you’ll find your new favourite combination.

When applying to the wrists, be sure to not rub them together– this will only crush the fragrance and interfere with the scent of your layering creation.

My favourite way to bespoke is by creating texture and dimension from applying to different areas of the body and items of clothing. Having grown up in Spain, for me it’s almost impossible not to start the day with a burst of citrus, most likely from my shower gel, but also from a generous spritz of some kind of Cologne. I am always careful to leave my wrists free of scent so I can explore new perfumes during the day should I find a new treasure to sample. On colder days, I will also apply a body cream that is musky in scent, to give me a cocooning feel. Body oils and lotions offer a much softer approach to fragrance layering, making it ideal for when playing around with stronger perfumes. It’s a great way to experiment with fragrance intensities. Opting for an oil will, of course, make your fragrance last longer too.

I tend to spray something with more sillage and a deeper base on my clothes as throughout the day, as I move around and the temperature changes, the scent will be released slowly and subtly. I apply lighter perfumes at the nape of my neck and through my hair as this way you can enjoy the fresher notes for longer.

What combinations of fragrance families work well together?

In the spirit of freedom and rebellion, I don’t like to be censored by rules. I truly believe it is a personal choice and a mix of two fragrance families will work perfectly for one and not for another.

My personal favourite is mixing floral fragrances with rich woods or an oud base – it makes for a very interesting scent, adding a wonderful layer of luxury and depth

What is your favourite Creed layering combination?

My fast favourite has become Virgin Island Water layered on top of Aventus. It adds to the gourmand opening of the fragrance, giving it an extra exciting facet of energy and sparkle.

Virgin Island Water also works incredibly well with Aventus for Her. The seduction of the fleur de nuit, such as jasmine and ylang ylang, interact beautifully together.

If I could recommend one fragrance to experiment with though, it would be Millesime Imperial. It’s perfect for bespoking almost all of your Creed Perfumes, but when you combine it with Green Irish Tweed, they seem to be made for each other.

The list is truly endless. My advice would be to have a go and see what bespoke Creed becomes your new favourite.