How To Style Aventus Cologne

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4 Ways To Style Your New Aventus Cologne

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The wait is finally over to get your hands on the latest scent from the House of Creed, Aventus Cologne. Launched on 1st June 2019, this daring and urban-spirited Eau de Parfum offers a refreshing, woody twist to the classic Aventus men’s fragrance. Fruity, yet aromatic, Aventus Cologne embodies vitality, success, true grit and style.

“With Aventus Cologne, I was inspired to create a new legend—a fresher, modern complement that would provide an olfactive experience entirely of its own.”

- Olivier Creed -

In line with the launch of this rebellious men’s fragrance, we caught up with four lifestyle and fashion icons to get their insight into how they would style the new Aventus Cologne. Having joined us in Berlin for the recent launch event, each gentleman has been trialling the new scent for the past few weeks and here’s their take on when to wear Aventus Cologne and how they would complement it with their own personal style.

Ari Petrou

When would you wear Aventus Cologne?

“I feel like the new Aventus Cologne is more of an everyday, going for lunch type of fragrance. It’s very light and fresh”.

How would you complement this scent with what you wear?

“I would personally style the fragrance wearing my favourite denim such as my Amiri distressed and a super clean pair of white trainers for that slick look. Although Creed is often seen as a special occasion or formal fragrance , I think Aventus Cologne is perfect to wear on a day to day basis”.

Instagram: @aripetrou

John - Blvckmvnivc

When would you wear Aventus Cologne?

“I’d wear Aventus Cologne during the day, as to me it’s more of a day-to-day scent. It’s light, refreshing and gives you that edge. You smell good so you’ll feel good too”.

How would you complement this scent with what you wear?

“If you take a look at my outfit, that’s exactly how I’d see myself wearing the fragrance in clothing form; classy but with an edge of street to break the chains of formal wear. I like to blend elements of high fashion designers such as Dior with subtle clean minimal silhouettes from the blazer and wide leg trousers – this outfit is tailor made to be splashed with Aventus Cologne”.

Instagram: @blvckmvnivc


When would you wear Aventus Cologne?

“Spring & summer is personally when I would wear this cologne. Specifically, on warm summer date night in the city.”

How would you complement this scent with what you wear?

“Classy chic, such as a flower shirt, chinos and a pair of sneakers.”

Instagram: @eddygrim

Joel - Gallucks

When would you wear Aventus Cologne?

“I'd wear Aventus Cologne if I was going out for the day with my friends or a loved one, to lunch or to a gallery perhaps”.

How would you complement this scent with what you wear?

“I’d wear something casual and comfortable yet still stylish. I like to mix street wear with relaxed tailoring, for example, pairing my Balenciaga track sneakers with some wide leg tailored trousers finishing the look with a cross-body bag of some sort to add a more urban edge, as I feel like Aventus Cologne is very inviting yet sophisticated at the same time.”

Instagram: @gallucks


How would you wear your new Aventus Cologne?

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