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The Complete Aventus For Her Bath & Body Collection

aventus bath products in a bathroom setting

In 2015, after years of perfecting the composition, Olivier Creed launched Aventus For Her, the feminine counterpart to the legendary men’s fragrance, Aventus. Inspired by the most powerful and successful women of the past, present and future, this fresh and fruity women’s perfume has gone from strength to strength, becoming the powerhouse ladies scent in the history of The House of Creed.

Opulent, sensual and indulgent, Aventus For Her now takes on a new sensory experience with four additions to The House of Creed: Presenting the Aventus For Her Collection for the very first time.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to create a fragrance that emulates women who are visionaries in their everyday lives. This was my compass of inspiration when developing the fragrance”

-Olivier Creed -

The Aventus For Her Bath and Body Collection is the ultimate at-home spa experience; creating the perfect pampering gift to yourself or a loved one. Complete with a nourishing body oil, hydrating body lotion, invigorating shower gel and Creed’s signature hand-milled soap, this rejuvenating body range will leave your skin feeling refreshed, restored and your senses indulged with the iconic scent of Aventus For Her.

Bursting with revitalising fruity notes of apple, peach, bergamot and blackcurrant, this indulgent collection is also enriched with aromatic pink peppercorn, sweet rose, lilac and ylang ylang and seductive musk, leaving a blissfully romantic aroma on the skin. A uniquely decadent twist on exploring the scent of Aventus For Her, our cocooning bath and body care can be perfectly layered underneath your Eau de Parfum, to enhance and increase the longevity of this iconic women’s fragrance.

Aventus For Her Shower Gel

This luxurious and delicately scented body wash will transform your shower into an opulent serenity. Awakening the senses with a fruity burst of freshness, rich notes of musk, sandalwood and amber will envelop the skin, for a lasting indulgence.

Aventus For Her Soap

Our signature hand-milled scented soap presents a rich and creamy lather that gently cleanses and nourishes the skin. Petite in size but packed with sense-tingling aromas, it makes for the perfect travel body care ritual too: A fruity floral olfactive fix on the go.

Aventus For Her Body Oil

Follow your shower routine with a nourishing spritz of our restorative Aventus For Her Body Oil. Enriched with a blend of powerful and natural oils, this alcohol-free formula envelops the skin with the classic scent of Aventus For Her, whilst leaving the skin soft and conditioned. Apply before spritzing your perfume to increase the longevity of the scent on your skin.

Aventus For Her Body Lotion

A bathroom shelf staple: Treat your body to a burst of moisture with our luxuriously silky-smooth body lotion. Replenish, rehydrate and soften the skin whilst leaving it delicately scented with the fresh, fruity and floral scent of Aventus For Her. Quickly absorbed, this lightweight formula will leave the skin radiant, whilst enhancing the aroma of your matching fragrance.