The Inspiration Behind Viking Cologne

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Viking Cologne: The Inspiration Behind The Universal Fragrance

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Adventurous and determined – Viking Cologne  encapsulates the spirit of exploration. This refreshing and exhilarating universal perfume for him and her inspires a hunger for excitement and new discoveries. An electrifying, contemporary fragrance, created for the free-spirited trailblazers of the world.

With Summer upon us, this addition to The House of Creed celebrates a boundless enthusiasm for adventure and excitement – from the first thrills of embarking on a new journey to the achievement of daring feats of physical prowess.

Viking Cologne emulates the allure of the adventurous. An explorer piques interest wherever they go – their refreshing joie de vivre and exciting stories have a magnetic appeal. Now with a fragrance that complements their character, the daring and free-spirited can curate a captivating presence, as irresistible as their next adventure.

A Masterful Alchemy

The jus of the Viking Cologne perfume has been an obsession for us. It is so close to the Creed DNA that we wanted to explore a twist of Viking for summer, where the freshness bursts from the perfume exuding an energising scent which is full of adventure.

A bold, modern take on the iconic fougère fragrance, this distinctive Creed scent encapsulates the reawakening of Spring and an invigorating burst of freshness across terrain yet to be explored – burgeoning green foliage, immaculately clear skies and boundless, optimistic curiosity. Ingredients found within Viking Cologne embody this spirit – a fusion of the finest aromatic botanicals from across the world, comprising an adventure to rival even the most seasoned explorer, the result of which is a truly expressive scent.

Exhilarating and exuberant, Viking Cologne opens with top notes of zesty bergamot, lemon and mandarin, with lightly spiced pink pepper to immediately inspire an energising and fresh sense of adventure. Heart notes of heady lavender, nutmeg, rosemary and sage entice the senses and intertwine with delicate green notes of geranium, evoking the herbaceous intrigue of an unexplored forest.

The base notes of Viking Cologne stand assured and steadfast, reminiscent of timeless mountain terrains. Deep, sensual sandalwood, warming cedarwood and bright frankincense layer with an earthy blend of patchouli and vetiver for a mysterious, exciting dry down.

Bottling A Nordic Springtime Adventure

For this fragrance , Olivier Creed and his son Erwin were inspired by the wild beauty of the Norwegian fjords, ever-captivating for those with an adventurous spirit. Norway is a terrain of challenges, with endless chances to explore undiscovered sights and reap the exhilarating rewards.

From hiking across the majestic ridges that enclose the iconic fjords and rocky atolls, or kayaking across the glacial lakes themselves, this land is irresistible for the free-spirited modern explorer. The immaculate, awe-inspiring landscape of the fjords revives the soul and awakens the senses, and this bracing freshness has been captured within Viking Cologne.

Redolent of the arctic sun glittering across azure waters, with serene evergreen forests standing guard, framed by vertiginous mountains and waterfalls cascading from the clouds - this invigorating fragrance awakens and excites the imagination. Viking Cologne  represents the incomparable rush of standing atop a peak, of waking early energised by the thrill of upcoming adventure, of bounding into the unknown with unbridled ambition.

Housed in an iconic Creed collection bottle with a vibrant orange casing, Viking Cologne  makes a strikingly bold visual statement, reflecting the invigorating fragrance contained within. This universal fragrance for him or for her is sure to stand out and become a focal point in any fragrance collection.

Inspired by the cosmopolitan Norseman of the Viking era

Viking Cologne not only captures the aromas of the land that Vikings called home, but the true persona of a Norseman – adventurous, pioneering, energetic and confident. Despite their savage reputation, Vikings weren’t always what they were reputed to be. These surprisingly cultured cosmopolitans travelled the world to trade, learn, explore – and bring back a spot of perfume.

Spreading out from Norway, Sweden and Denmark between the middle of the eighth and end of the eleventh centuries, these horizon-gazing people journeyed to the edge of the known world and beyond – and not to conquer, like many of their contemporaries, but to explore.

Driven beyond their own shores by the lack of natural resources in the hard sub-Arctic environment, they looked abroad for better goods, tools, clothes, food, farmland and luxuries – both material and cultural. And in exchange, they offered the world a few wonders of their own including the export of honey, tin, wool, furs, walrus ivory, amber, worked metal, literature, art, religion – and, yes, sometimes violence.

Bringing home the finest goods the world had to offer, Vikings developed a taste for impeccable personal grooming, fragrant cuisine and lavish riches – wine from France, spices from Istanbul and Baghdad, gems, glassware and fragrant woods from India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Travel to their Scandinavian homelands today and you won’t just see the Wagnerian drama of the glaciers, the widescreen splendour of the fjords or the chocolate-box gorgeousness of the high meadows, because there’s something in the air there too. Take in a couple of lungfuls and you’ll feel it, taste it, smell it: the salty tang of discovery, optimism and ambition; the ozonic air of promise, of freedom, of setting out down the wide blue fjord with the wind in your sails and the sun in your hair.

An Indomitable Legacy Of The Viking Collection

Of course, this is not the first Creed Eau de Parfum to bear the Viking name. Viking Cologne joins forces with the original Viking – a masterful men’s fragrance launched in 2017, to bring you a cooler, more aromatic fougère with an invigorating marine-like twist – a juxtaposition from its former fiery predecessor, that took inspiration from the Norsemen’s voyage to Iceland.