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Introducing Leather Goods From The House Of Creed

a leather trunk containing 3 Creed fragrances

With a captivating history of travel, tailoring, royal service and of course, fragrance artistry, the Creed family has much to look back on. And it is this history that has inspired the latest development in The House of Creed’s selection of luxurious finery. Leather goods hold a special place in the heart of the business – being the first creations through which the family made its name known.

Today, The House of Creed is proud to present The Leather Explorer Collection, a selection of exquisitely crafted, stylish accessories inspired by its rich heritage, artisanal talent and passion for discovery.

A Familiar History

Born in 1760 - after a pair of James Henry Creed’s scented leather gloves were delivered to King George III - The House of Creed’s origins lie deeply rooted in the impeccable craftsmanship of fine leather goods. Now, for the first time since the 18th Century, Creed is returning to those roots.

But ancient history is not the only inspiration behind this exquisite new collection. Embracing the rich tradition of exploration within his family, the idea for The Leather Explorer Collection came after Olivier Creed was perusing photographs of his father’s travels. One picture in particular saw him standing next to stacks of luggage trunks, waiting to board the RMS Empress of Canada, sailing from Vancouver to Kobe.

Creed’s Master Parfumier was enchanted by the impeccable design of the first-class luggage - fine brass hardware contrasting against rich leather exteriors - a symbol of discovery surrounded by a tangible sense of adventure. The ship would embark on its journey towards new horizons, and in the present day, Oliver Creed was moved to explore the opulent world of elegant leather goods.

With a repertoire of fragrances that showcase the beauty to be found in every corner of the globe, it is only natural that Creed leather goods should be inspired by the spirit of discovery and adventure.

Celebrating the intrepid spirit synonymous with the Creed name, this collection features travel-friendly leather sleeves, to slot a Creed bottle inside for protection while adventure unfolds, as well as enchantingly scented leather bound candles, to add a frisson of faraway charm into everyday rituals.

A new travelling companion

Made with the finest Italian leather in a rich, sumptuous burgundy colour, these Leather Fragrance Sleeves are the perfect accompaniment to a selection of classic Creed fragrances, allowing the wearer to enjoy a spritz from their signature scent at any time - without fear of the iconic bottle design becoming sullied or damaged whilst out and about.

These exquisite Leather Sleeves are designed to hold Creed 100ml unisex and men’s fragrance bottles, such as cult favourite Aventus with its bold, tantalising scent, providing a bust of inspiration at any time of the day; or fresh and contemporary Silver Mountain Water, to uplift and energise with its warm yet invigorating fragrance.

The smaller sized Leather Sleeve is perfectly suited to the Aventus for Her 75ml bottle, its sublime white and gold casing almost as resplendent as the empowering, opulent and sensual scent that it contains.

When exploration comes home

No matter how much one travels, crossing over the threshold upon returning home will always elicit a sense of relief, comfort and relaxation. The memories of adventure remain vivid and treasured, but nothing compares to sinking back against those familiar cushions.

Inspired by Olivier Creed’s expeditions across the globe in search of the finest fragrance ingredients, Creed’s new Birmanie Oud and Vanisia Candles are olfactory celebrations of exploration, specifically intended to be enjoyed from the comfort of the home. Encased in Italian leather holders of rich burgundy to add a finishing touch of opulent style, these candles become beautiful ornaments, enhancing their surroundings through aesthetics as well as scent.

Warm and rich, the Birmanie Oud candle scent is blend of tonka bean and sweet styrax that infuses the room with a relaxed yet mysterious aroma – deep, woody and perfect for creating a convivial atmosphere for cosy festive gatherings.

Pillowy and dreamlike, the Vanisia candle scent blends clouds of exotic, buttery vanilla with warming, fragrant amber for a soft, comforting fragrance – ideal for an evening spent cosying up with loved ones.

A stunning gift for the house proud, homebodies or anyone who loves to curl up and relax in comfort and luxury, these candles  also make a particularly thoughtful present for anyone who has recently moved home.