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Millésime 1849: Sophistication Reborn

Millésime 1849: Sophistication Reborn

Millésime 1849 is the latest masterpiece from The House of Creed, revived from its esteemed perfume vaults to celebrate timeless elegance and enduring style.

A Perfumed History Reawakened

Millésime 1849 was first created to commemorate the opening of Harrods’ iconic Brompton Road emporium in 1849. This exquisite original from The House of Creed has now been reawakened to celebrate the world-renowned department store’s 175th anniversary and the values that these two luxury houses share of consummate craftsmanship, supreme quality and unwavering dedication to their clientele.

"This is a fragrance that combines richness and warmth with a sophisticated modern sensibility."

A Modern Masterpiece In Focus

A true collector’s item, Millésime 1849 represents a partnership between two houses that have stood the test of time. The perfume is elegantly presented in the iconic Creed bottle, but clad in the instantly recognisable Harrods green, in honour of a landmark modern collaboration.

Millésime 1849 opens with invigorating notes of Calabrian bergamot, a rare citrus that ripens in a remote location overlooking the crystal-blue Ionian seas. This generous warmth leads to the rich floral essences at its heart of ethereal jasmine, passionate rose and elegant ylang-ylang which harmonise with the warm aromatic base. A sophisticated chorus of evocative thyme, graceful laurel and precious cedar brings an exquisite finesse to the lingering dry down.

Available exclusively on the official Creed website, in Creed Boutiques and at Harrods.