Behind The Scenes Of The Wind Flowers Campaign

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Exclusive Look: The Inspiration Behind Wind Flowers With Olivier Creed

a bottle of wind flowers enveloped in pink smoke

Last month, The House of Creed unveiled the latest addition to its female fragrance collection, Wind Flowers. Five years in the making, this elegant, fresh and floral women’s perfume juxtaposes strength and grace in a perfect allegory for the modern woman – feminine and poised with a power and determination.

Joining a collection of household names, including the iconic Aventus For Her and sophisticated Love in White, Wind Flowers shares a blend of the finest ingredients from around the globe, hand-crafted and hand-bottled in our factory on the outskirts of Paris. We sat down with Olivier Creed, for an exclusive, behind the scenes look into the long-anticipated women’s fragrance, the story behind the scent and what the future holds for The House of Creed.

What was your inspiration behind Wind Flowers?

Wind Flowers is inspired by the rush of movement through the air, it’s that strength and grace that a dancer exudes when she is mid-stride. For me it was very important to create a scent that was strong and powerful, yet soft and feminine – I believe Wind Flowers is that.

How long have you been developing the fragrance?

Wind Flowers has been 5 years in the making. I started it the year after I created Aventus for Her, I saw the impact that this women's fragrance had on the industry, and I knew another feminine scent had to come. I have wanted to elevate the feminine side of the business for a while, so Wind Flowers is the stepping stone for us to create more unique and sensual feminine fragrances.

Where did you source the ingredients that make up Wind Flowers from?

The House of Creed source the finest ingredients from across the globe. That is one of the greatest attractions of creating new fragrances – it’s the search of the new ingredients. When creating Wind Flowers, I sourced the sweetest smelling jasmine from India, where the best jasmine comes from. We have a beautiful feature in the latest Creed Luxury Book on Wind Flowers as well as beautiful stories on how and where we source the finest raw ingredients.

Were there any ingredients in particular that you wanted to work with for this fragrance?

Praline is a new note for the House of Creed - It is what gives the fragrance the sugary softness in the base. It’s almost gourmand, but the sugary caramel and almond sweetness of the praline creates a sense of femininity with its sweet, delicious tones.

What is the story behind the Wind Flowers bottle?

We believe that this fragrance is so beautiful that it needed a new bottle shape to house it. It is elegant and represents a timeless precious object. The glass, like all our Creed bottles, is a similar cut to crystal; a true object d’art. I wanted it to feel smooth in the woman’s hand, like a pebble. The top of the bottle is reminiscent of a vintage bottle, before we had spray pumps. It is meant to be romantic like you are lifting a powder perfume bottle off your dressing table.

I spent five years in my laboratory working on this creation because I didn’t want to come up with something that already existed. I wanted to create an inspiring and empowering fragrance and that is exactly what Wind Flowers is to me.

What about the longevity of the fragrance?

When we were developing Wind Flowers, I insisted on having a fragrance that people would remember. The House of Creed have managed to create a product with an incredible longevity. There is something quite spectacular and empowering about Wind Flowers and I am convinced our clientele who wears it will be as mesmerised as I am by this aspect of the perfume.

What is the meaning behind the name Wind Flowers?

It’s reminiscent of dancers in motion. Every move is made with an impact - confidence, grace and elegance. The ingredients that are used have opulence to them - they are luxurious flowers.

What does this mean for female fragrances from The House of Creed?

This is the start of Creed creating more feminine scents. We have many iconic, men's fragrances and are looking at the opportunities in the future for our clients looking for more feminine scents. At present we have a lot of floral and fresh female fragrances, exploring new fragrance families is on the horizon for us.

What is the meaning for the bow displayed on the bottle?

The silver bow is a nod to our couture heritage. Long before focussing the house on fragrances, my ancestors were tailors to the most prestigious European courts. We also wanted to incorporate a fabric element to the bottle design to evoke the grace of a dancer’s flowing movements which is the main inspiration behind this scent.

Who do you envision wearing Wind Flowers?

Wind Flowers is a universal scent inspired by the grace and strength of a dancer. It’s a seductive fragrance that all women can relate to. I spent five years in my laboratory working on this creation because I didn’t want to come up with something that already existed.

I wanted to create an inspiring and empowering fragrance and that is exactly what Wind Flowers is to me. If you look at the direction we took for this campaign, you’ll see that we’ve tried to represent confidence, grace and self-expression to celebrate our female clientele.